SynOpus aims to raise societal awareness of the importance of sleep and circadian rhythms to promote optimal health at both an individual and corporate level.


Why sleep and circadian rhythms?
Time is health. The causes for this are easy to understand. But, it is often not so easy to take these causes into account in everyday life. Because the human body functions on the basis of finely synchronized biological processes, which in turn are influenced by Zeitgebers from the environment. However, since humans manipulate the environment in terms of time (e.g. shift and night work, clock change to daylight saving time, early school start, etc.), it can easily lead to a desynchronization between social and biological time. The result can be serious consequences for sleep, wellbeing and health. SynOpus supports individuals, schools and companies in minimizing the discrepancy between biological time and social time. The goal is to maintain health and well-being.


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